Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists Annual Conference
Information for 2017

The 13th annual Pooper Scooper convention details will be determined late 2016.

The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (aPaws), a 501(c)(6) nonprofit trade organization, has hosted this special event every year since its formation in 2002. The purpose is to provide continuing education specifically for professional animal waste specialists from around the country. However, all pet professional are invited!  In the past, guest speakers have discussed topics such as social media and interactive marketing, how to effectively use google adwords, how to start or expand your business, a virtual office for pet professionals, pet first aide basics and much more.  Round table discussions are also held to allow pet professional to share information with one another on a variety of topics.

In addition, aPaws has made it their ongoing mission to raise money to donate pet air masks to fire departments and EMS Personnel. These cone-shaped plastic masks come in three sizes and fit snugly onto snouts so pets of all sizes can be resuscitated when suffering from smoke inhalation. For more information on pet recovery masks and how you can support our efforts to provide these masks, please visit

The members of aPaws like to mix a little fun into the convention. The “Turd Herding” Contest and “Name That Turd” are activities that every professional pooper scooper looks forward to. The “Turd-Herding” Contest is for professional pooper scoopers to determine who is the fastest pooper scooper in the nation. For this unique contest, fake dog waste is placed around the grounds of the hotel and participating pooper scoopers see who can pick up the most piles in two minutes. The top three winners each receive a trophy and bragging rights... at least until next time!

Turd Herding

Turd Herding Contest, which has become a staple of the aPaws annual convention, will take place on Saturday and is open only to aPaws members. If you got what it takes, you can prove to the world that you are the fastest pooper scooper and take home the first place trophy and have the bragging rights for the rest of the year.

Some of our past Speakers:

Brian Basilico
B2b Interactive Marketing, Inc.

Brad Barton, CSP
Inspirational Keynote Speaker/magician

Kirk Weisler - Chief Morale Officer, inspirational speaker

Kandra Witkowski -
Business Owner and certified Pet Tech First Aid Instructor # 1375

Danielle Vasta - Jump Consulting
Starting and Expanding Businesses, Social Media, and Goal Setting.

Tiffany H. Manson - Pet Pro Office
The virtual office for pet professionals!

Keegan Dyer - DinPoo
DINPOO, LLC is the nation’s first brand of dog waste remains disinfecting solution

William F. (Bill) Hadley - He Is Founder And CEO Of Bio-Pro Research
Zoonotic Diseases “Zoowhat????? What And Why, As A Pet Professional, You Should Care.”

Stasia Holdren - Google Adwords Specialist

Nick Natale - Pro View Systems Authorized dealer for Vehiclepath GPS tracking

TJ Kergin - Anchor Media Communications

Morieka Johnson of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Tools For Connecting With Your Local Newspaper Or Media Outlet.

Day Knight and Associates
Day Knight is a full service collection agency

Fred Hassen
Fred is a dog trainer with Sit Means Sit

QXpress with Paul Jackson
An overview of scheduling software for the service industry.









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