Turd Herding Contest


The idea of having a turd herding competition was derived after much debate on the industry’s message board as to the best and fastest method of picking up poop. Some scoopers used a rake and a lobby pan, while others used a paddle and a shovel. Still others claimed to use their hands...with latex gloves of course! The course would be set up with sliced potatoes, and once, ground up prunes, dog food and who knows what else was used. Anything to resemble dog poop without using the real thing. Contestants would then find a much "poop" as they could. Whoever found the most would win. Over the years potatoes have given way to fake piles of poop of various sizes. For a complete list of past winners, click here.

The first Turd-Herding contest was held in St. Louis, MO in January, 2003. Dreamed up by Mike Zlotnick of Poopie Scoopers R US, scoopers from all over the United States came to see if they could become the King or Queen of Crap. George Scichler of DoodyCalls won the first annual Turd-Herding contest, and Brad Goff from Critter Concierge took 2nd place.

Ron Vechicco of Minesweepers took the golden shovel award to become the 2004 King of Crap at the 2nd annual Turd-Herding contest and Maria Stone of Scoop Masters became the Queen of Crap that same year. Although not an aPaws event, since the convention in Bend, Oregon was snowed out that year, there was a turd Herding contest in Bend for the few that did get through the snow.

2005 was the first year that aPaws officially sponsored the Turd Herding contest.

In 2006 the contest was modified slightly so that two scoopers would run at the same time and see who could find the most poop in two minutes. This way, we could finnish before the sun went down.

In 2007 the first three places were awarded nice acrylic plaques along with the bragging rights.

The turd herding contest in 2008 not only sported the nice acrylic plaques for the first three places, but also other prizes.

2009 marks the first year where the name would transition to The Scooper Bowl, and in addition to the usual awards, cash prizes were awarded.

2011 - It was decided that the winner of the scooper Bowl would decide which dog related charity to donate any funds raised at the aPaws annual charity auction. This year it went to The Little Shelter in New York.

For 2012 the name Scooper Bowl was changed back to Turd Herding since the name Scooper Bowl was trademarked previously by a cancer research firm. They would not let us use the name officially.

Qualifications and Tools of the Trade

To enter, you must be a registered entre-manure or turd-herder, either owning or working for an established company, and must be an aPaws member.

Contestants can supply their own tools for competition. There will be tools available at the competition as many contestants are traveling by air. Due to Homeland Security at airport check in, it is possible that tools may be confiscated prior to departure. Tools should be used in their generally intended manner. (Unless Competitor can prove prior to contest that the seafood fork stolen from the buffet line and taped to housekeeping’s mop handle can expeditiously collect the specimen turds.)

Tools may be modified as long as they are not motorize powered by electric, gas, methane or dangerous. (No flamethrowers please!)


Any violation of the below rules during the actual competition will be cause for disqualification.

1) Contestants must conduct themselves in the manner they would normally use around their clients. (no shoving, jumping fences, urinating in public, dressing inappropriately, etc.)
2) Scooper must use their regular daily method of scooping, as if your customer were watching you from inside their kitchen window.
3) No bathing suits, no short shorts, no bare feet, no bare chests.
(In other words, dressing with the intention of distracting the competition is a no-no.)
4) There will be no running or physical contact with each other or the poop.
5) No physical manipulation of the turds.
6) No running on the course.
7) No shoving or hitting other contestants with your tools.
8) No peeing on the course.
9) Contestants may not eat rival’s specimen turd with the intention to cause unfair advantage.
and lastly…
10) Baskets and bunny costumes will no longer be tolerated!

How to Doo it

Each Course will be set up with over 50 specimens of various sizes of turds (Imitation, inedible facsimile thereof – real turds will not be used at the specific request of the hotel.)Each course will be set up by authorized aPaws Contest Officials. (Contestants may not set up their own course, or contribute to their course in any way shape or form, natural or otherwise) Each pair of contestants will have a 2 minute time limit to remove as many turds as possible to try to win the title of King or Queen of Crap.

The official judges will keep tally of collections and time of each contestant.

In the Event of a Tie

In the event of a tie, a Scoop-Off will be used to determine the scooper with the fastest time to be crowned the aPaws King or Queen of Crap.










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