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Full Membership with voting privileges will be granted to any individual who is in the animal waste profession, that applies for membership status, agrees to abide by the aPaws Code of Conduct, pays annual dues, provides proof of liability insurance, and supports the purposes set forth in the Bylaws. Supplemental Membership may be granted to any individual who is the partner, spouse, employee, co-owner, or other similar relationship to a Full Member. Supplemental members do not receive voting privileges or a listing in the Scooper Directory.

You will be required to provide proof of liability insurance. Affordable policies may be obtained through, or you can obtain a policy through an insurance carrier of your choice. Once your membership is complete, you will receive a discount code for the Pet Stters LLC insurance program.

Full aPaws Members will receive one listing in the state that their company resides in and provides service. Full Members may also purchase up to four (4) additional service states at a fee of $25.00 per state. Franchises, lease agreement contractors, and sub-contractors are considered a separate business and will need to apply for separate membership and provide separate proof of liability insurance.

Annual membership dues and additional service state charges are due and payable the day after the final anniversary date of the membership and will be considered delinquent if not paid by that date. Dues are $95.00 by mail in form or $85.00 online - plus $25.00 for each additional service state. Members must also provide updated proof of liability insurance upon renewal.

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