aPaws Code of Conduct

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hand holding pen and signing paperTo remain a certified member of aPaws, MEMBER agrees to abide by the following Code of Conduct ("Code"). MEMBER further understands and agrees that noncompliance with this Code of Conduct will be cause for immediate termination of one's membership and loss of all rights associated with such membership.

This agreement may be modified at any time by aPaws after appropriate action by its Board of Directors. MEMBER understands that he/she will be required to abide by the most current code at all times.


As a member of aPaws, Members have:

  • An obligation to the public at large to exercise professional competence and operate with the highest of ethics.
  • An obligation to provide conscientious service to each client, being constantly mindful of the client's security and well-being.
  • An obligation to operate business in such a manner as to reflect honor upon the animal waste industry in the local community.
  • We must all take every opportunity to learn more about our profession and to improve our services.


Keeping one's clients informed of anything suspicious or unusual noticed in their neighborhood is essential to their security. Every effort must be made to inform them as soon as possible.


Any mistreatment or abuse of animals will result in immediate termination of membership. MEMBER agrees to treat all animals with utmost respect.


  • Pet Waste Removal Services - Between each client's properties, all MEMBER'S tools and shoes must be properly disinfected with a cleaner formulated specifically to veterinary medical requirements to kill canine parvovirus. The only accepted alternative is the use of chlorine bleach diluted to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Litter Box Services - Litter boxes must be disinfected as mentioned above
  • Gloves and facemask are recommended for all Members offering this service.


State, County, and City government must be contacted prior to removing waste from client's property in regard to pertinent laws or ordinances if offering this service. All waste must be disposed of according to state and local laws and regulations. Where these laws are lax MEMBER must dispose of waste through a licensed Waste Management company. Local waste management officials must be notified to dispose of waste with MEMBER'S private residential trash.


Insurance - MEMBER agrees to obtain and maintain a commercial policy of liability insurance. Additionally, MEMBER further agrees to obtain and maintain Workers Compensation insurance in at least the minimum statutory amount required in his/her state at such time as MEMBER hires employees.

Ethical Competition - Competition exists in every industry and, when it is ethical, is healthy for the industry and for many businesses. However, unethical competition benefits no one. MEMBER agrees to refrain from direct plagiarism of others' ideas, including, but not limited to, slogans, advertising, web site design and logos. Additionally, MEMBER shall not denigrate the honesty or competence of any fellow colleague, or partake in actions or business practices which would result in dishonor to, or distrust of, his/her competitors or the animal waste industry in general.

Professionalism and Dignity - To maintain a high level of professionalism, MEMBER should have a dedicated phone line for their business, in conjunction with appropriate voice mail or answering device or service that lets the caller know MEMBER is in the animal waste industry. MEMBER must agree to deal honestly and fairly with the public, to avoid misrepresentation of his/her services, to respect the confidence of every client served, and to place service to his/her clients and the animal waste industry above personal gain.

Inspections, Agreement and Acceptance - An aPaws representative can inspect a member's quality of work at any time. Continued membership status may be affected by this inspection.

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