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aPaws Elections

Date: 10/30/2018

aPaws Members,

It's that time of the year when aPaws members have the chance to nominate themselves or other members to become board members of aPaws. As many of you know, aPaws has not had a president this past year, due to health issues with our previous president. I'm hoping we can resolve that issue with the organization in the next couple of months as we have the opportunity to vote for a new president. 

What positions are open?

The President, Secretary and Board Member at Large Position 1 are elected on even numbered years. 

How Do I Nominate Somebody?
Any Individual Member in good standing may nominate himself/herself or any other Individual Member in good standing for election to the Board. Please be sure they are interested in serving if elected. Post your nomination on the aPaws private Facebook page or e-mail your nomination to: info@apaws.org Members of the Board will be elected by the membership via an election conducted online.

Remember to include the following important information:

    The contact name and business of the person you are nominating
    The position for consideration
    Your name and business

We suggest you email a copy of your nomination to the nominee, and the board will follow up with the person you nominate to make sure they accept the nomination. Once the nomination has been accepted by the nominee, we will ask for a brief biography about the nominated person and their goals for aPaws during the term served. A statement from the candidate and a picture can be sent to info@apaws.org to be posted for the members to read. 

It is my hope and desire that we can have a full board again so we can move the organization forward by continuing to advance the pooper scooper industry, helping new scooping businesses, and providing more benefits to its members.

Thank you,
Timothy Stone - aPaws Treasurer