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Who is eligible for a listing on Find-A-Scooper?

To verify if your Professional Animal Waste Specialist is a member check for the aPaws Seal on our Find-A-Scooper directory. Listings shall be granted to any individual sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or limited liability company in the animal waste profession who is a member of aPaws with verifiable Liability Insurance.

What are the terms for Members of aPaws?

Membership shall be granted to any individual ("Individual Member"), sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or limited liability company ("Business Member") in the animal waste profession, that applies for membership status, agrees to abide by the aPaws Code of Conduct, pays annual dues and supports the purposes set forth in the Bylaws. When we receive your application and determine your membership status, your listing will be accompanied by an aPaws seal. Members will be listed by state, in the order in which they became members of aPaws.

How do I show my company logo on my listing?

To have your business logo appear on our Find-A-Scooper directory, you must be a member of aPaws in good standing. Your logo can be e-mailed to aPaws and must follow certain requirements. A logo must only include your company name and icon (if applicable). aPaws reserves the right to remove your logo should our website be affected due to poor connection speeds. Advance notice will be given to all members should we require this change.

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