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2023 Pooper Scooper Convention

Date: 4/10/2023

September 15th - 17th, 2023 marks the date for the aPaws sponsored Pooper Scooper Convention and Turd Herding contest. Professional scoopers from across the country, and at least one from Canada, will gather in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to attend the only convention of its kind. What can you expect? There will be several speakers or presenters that will help the professional scooper build their business. 

In past conventions there have been professional speakers talking about everything from business structure, marketing, SEO and even a few motivational speakers that help the entre-manure grow their scooping business. We've learned how to handle dogs, obtain new clients effectively, Search Engine Optimization, business structures, hiring and firing, you name it. 

And what about the Turd Herding contest? It's exactly what it says. There will be a contest where scoopers will face off with each other and scoop the poop for time and accuracy. Not to worry though, we use fake poops. (Or doo we?) The top three competitors get a nice acrylic award and the winner gets bragging rights - until next time. 

The convention is open to any pet waste removal company, person or business that wants to get together live and in person and grow their business. The weekend is dedicated to talking "crap" with other business owners, some of them in business for over 35 years. Visit the convention page for registration and hotel information.