Name That Turd - What Goes In, Must Come Out ?

Congratulations To Our aPaws Members!

Name That Turd - What Goes In, Must Come Out ?

1st - Susan Braun - Pet Yard Pick Up - Minneapolis, MN

2nd -Tim Stone - Scoop Masters -Santa Clarita, CA

Turd Place Becki Smith - Pet Yard Pick Up -Minneapolis, MN

The Real Challenge, However, Is With A Group Of Your Peers.

Here Are The Simple Rules. Put On Your Game Face!


  1. Each Represents An Actual Sample; The Dogs Are All Pure Breed, No Mixes.
  2. You Are To Guess The Name Of The Breed By Looking At The Sample. You’ll Be Surprise At How Easy This Is. No Peeking At The Other Turd-Herders Answers And No Discussions!
  3. The Game Also Includes Figuring Out If The Dog Is Given Dry Food Or Canned, Or Harder - A Mix Of Both. This Could Be Tricky Because Some Owners Feed Homemade Food, So Be Warned. You Should Know This!
  4. The Final Test Of Your Turd-Herding Skills Will Be To Name The Brand Of Food.
  5. What Goes In Must Come Out - What Did They Eat!


Scoring: 1 Point Will Be Assigned To Each Correct Answer. There Will Be Serious Consequence For Any Bribery Attempts Or Any Cheating. The Total Number Of Points Will Be The Determining Factor For The Winners. The Decision Of The Judge/Judges Is Final.

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