Alpha Scooper

Hello aPaws Members,

We recently joined aPaws and would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves, along with our new pet waste scooper, the Alpha Scooper. Our names are Michael and Justin, and we are the inventors behind the Alpha Scooper which was born from our experience in the Pet Waste Removal industry.  The original idea for the Alpha Scooper came from pure frustration regarding the available tools when Michael was starting Little Stinkers of MO, a local Pet Waste Removal Service in Missouri.


Unfortunately, despite purchasing and trying countless pooper scoopers from both online and local sources; not one could withstand a week or two out in the field.  Not to mention that Little Stinkers of MO was still a small business with an average of 30 weekly customers. After eventually exhausting the current options, Michael still could not find a suitable pooper scooper to fit Little Stinkers of MO's needs. One day while discussing the problem, he and Justin decided to make their own instead! Over the next 5 years, numerous prototypes, adjustments, and testing on thousands of yard services & cat boxes cleaned….the Alpha Scooper was born!


Why did we reinvent the standard pooper scooper? Well, because the pooper scoopers currently available have many issues, and with the Alpha Scooper we are able to solve 3 critical issues: 

·     Durability due to the low-grade materials scoopers are made with

·     Efficiency in removing all of the waste due to design flaws

·    Comfort and lack of ergonomic design causing the operator pain in the knees or back

Alpha Scooper is a small business created by a couple of friends who wanted to solve the endless frustration of scooping your pet’s poop with sub-par products! This business was built upon the ingenuity to solve a recurring issue for all pet owners, and the perseverance to create a solution. 

It is not officially on the market, but we wanted to share the Alpha Scooper with the aPaws community.  For those of you who are attending the convention, we can't wait to meet you and give a few lucky people the chance to take home the Alpha Scooper and try it out.  If you want to get a sneak peek, check out our website,


Safe travels to all attending the convention, we look forward to meeting you all in person!


Michael Kuznecoff

Owner - Little Stinkers of MO

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