Happy Tails Pet Services, LLC


Providing reliable, quality pet sitting and Residential poop scooping services in Mead Colorado since 2003. POOP SCOOPING: Custom Residential pet waste pick-up and removal. Flat fee per pick-up for up to one hour of service no matter the number or size of the pets. Additional fees may apply for initial pick-up or additional time required. PET SITTING: I have experience as a professional pet sitter since 2003, caring for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Sugar-Gliders, Rodents, Small Reptiles,, an 80# African Spurred Tortoise, Hermit Crabs, Chickens, Ducks, Pea Fowl, Horses*, Goats, a Pig. a bottles fed Calf, Fresh and Salt Water Aquariums and Outdoor Koi Pond. OTHER SERVICES*: Indoor/Outdoor Plant Watering; Trash and Recycling Bins set-out and Retrieval; Observatory Property Checks; Mail, Package and Newspaper Collection; Basic Sidewalk clearing if it snows. I am a Colorado native and have been a resident of Mead since 1992. I am a life long animal lover and have had over 25 animals of my own over the years including 16 dogs, including two litter of puppies, geriatric dogs with arthritis and cancer, two blind dogs, one with Cushing's Disease, 6 cats, a ferret, a Guinea pig, small birds and fresh water aquariums. *Sorry, no overnight stays and services are limited to household pets. Dog walks and snow removal is limited to pet sitting request only. Some additional charges, limitations or availability restrictions may apply.

Area Covered

All Mead Colorado, 80542 neighborhoods.

Contact Information

Mead, CO 80542-324 Phone:
Email: htpsofmeadco@gmail.com
Contact: Carole Davis
Phone: 720-352-0910
Email: htpsofmeadco@gmail.com

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